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Do you have air-con?

Yes, our vans are fitted with air-con front and rear to ensure pets are kept cool on hot days or warm in those winter months.

Where are the pets kept during the travel?

Each and every pet is transported in an approved airline crate inside our air-conditioned vans with us. We do not use trailers or utes whatsoever.

My pet is travelling interstate and overnight, do they get water and fed?

YEP! Rest assured we take care of each and every animal for an overnight trip, we need to sleep also as we don’t drive fatigued. Every pet gets dinner and a walk in a secure park before we tuck them into their beds. As well as a morning walk and breakfast before the next leg of the trip.

It is a long trip during the day do they get water/clean crates?

Yep, of course, we stop to ensure all pets have full water bowls and clean crates frequently.

We use Vet grade disinfectant F10 and also use a commercial steam machine to clean the van and crates before every trip.

Be mindful that we do our best to ensure pets are cleaned and pee/poo free prior to delivering but sometimes we have done this already prior to arrival and at times can happen again on arrival.

Do you get booked out quickly?

Yes, due to the high-quality service we offer, our runs do fill up rather quickly and as we do the runs ourselves (family-operated) we don’t hire just anyone to drive and our reputation is strong.

When we have an influx of more work we will expand our services as soon as we can.

I've made a booking, how do I know its confirmed?

Once payment and all required information have been received, we will send you a booking confirmation with all relevant details on it.

No booking is confirmed until payment is made.

How do I pay?

We take payment by internet banking or a cash deposit at a local Commonwealth branch.

Details are given at booking. Please ensure when paying you add your REFERENCE NUMBER in the description so we can record your payment against your booking.

I want my pet to have his/her toys with her can I arrange that?

Please feel free to provide blankets for adult dogs travelling, however for pups, please do not put any bedding or blankets in the carrier, aside from being a suffocation risk, these will likely get peed and pooped on and we can not stop this; we provide puppy pads in the crate which we change as soon as your pup relieves themselves to keep them and their crate clean. Toys are welcome at your own risk. If a pet chews and swallows any part of the toy and requires medical assistance, Safe and Sound Pet Transport are relinquished from all responsibility and financial liability; Toys must have a sturdy clip to allow them to be connected to the inside wall of the crates so they do not get soiled.

Can I bring a puppy pack for my puppy?

You are welcome to send a puppy pack and their paperwork, though we ask the pack be no larger than a shoe box – anything larger will require a separate booking and incur a fee (and must be notified upon booking otherwise it will be rejected).

The reason being is our van is fitted out and designed for each crate to fit perfectly, and if we need to fit something larger, it will have to fit where a crate would go therefore us having to leave a booking out. We are extremely busy and don’t want anyone to miss out on their pet transport.

What if a visit to the vet is required on the trip?

In the event that we need to take your pet to the vet, all costs associated with treatment will be the owner’s responsibility. Please understand that if your pet needs to stay at the vet clinic, our driver may not be able to wait around for your pet’s treatment to be finalised. This may result in additional costs which will be incurred by the owner. These costs could include extended care, boarding or alternative transport needed to complete your pet’s journey. We ensure to make every attempt possible to contact the owner immediately, for you to authorise appropriate treatment. In the event that we cannot contact the owner, Safe And Sound will make decisions about treatment based on veterinary advice.

Is my pet able to transport sick/unwell?

No. The owner/sender and receiver acknowledge that their pet has not shown any signs of sickness or illness, is in perfect health, and is up to date on worming and vaccinations. Our driver through the duty of care may assess the pet at collection and reserves the right to refuse to accept the animal for transport. If such a situation arises Safe and Sound will not refund transport costs.

This can be dangerous to other pets around them and can’t be negotiated.

I have a pug/boxer or breed with a shortened snout, do you travel with them?

Safe and Sound carry brachycephalic breeds at the owner’s risk and the understanding that they are aware of all terms and conditions listed.

I have an older dog/pregnant dog can he/she be transported?

Safe and sound require a full vet check certificate if your dog is over 8 years of age, and if pregnant, and must be sent into admin before the travel date. Pregnant pets cant be transported over 30 days of gestation.

I want to cancel, whats your policy?

We require 48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your booking. You will be charged a 20% booking fee. Any later than 48 hours before travel, there will be no refund given.

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